Gregory Franklin

Warden of the White Council. Much nicer than most Wardens.


Warden Gregory Franklin was born on February 29, 1844. He is 170 years old. He tells people that he’s 42, despite the fact that he looks 62 (He thinks it’s funny. I suppose calendar nerds would agree with him, but considering that I’d actually be 42 if I still had an age, forgive me if I don’t burst out laughing).

He joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War when he was 17. Despite his age, he was known for skillfully maneuvering through the battlefield and hardly ever seemed to get hit. Almost all of his shots hit home, while any bullets directed at him tended to soar harmlessly over his head and up into the sky. More than once, he appeared to run straight through a hail of gunfire and cavalry sabers and end up on the other side with his sword at the enemy commander’s throat.

He values freedom very strongly. Before the war, he worked against slavery as a part of the Underground Railroad. In 1858, when he was 14, he was discovered trying to break the lock on the slave’s quarters at a plantation. He attempted to escape, but was quickly caught. The following morning, the slaves were brought out and ordered to watch as the overseer whipped Gregory, who was tied to a pole. His magic first manifested during this assault, air slicing his bindings apart. He took advantage of this unexpected release by waiting until the overseer had just completed a strike, and then charging at the man. He managed to wrap the whip around the man’s neck and take his sidearm, threatening the shocked plantation owner and the other white farm workers. After forcing them into the slave house and locking them in, he allowed their former victims to decide their fate. He led the now free men, women, and children to their new lives as the entire plantation – slave house included – burned to the ground behind them.

During the war, after several displays of his prowess, a wizard recognized what he was, and explained the ins and outs of the supernatural (he refuses to tell me who it was, and considering that I didn’t think he’d tell me as much as he already has, I’m not going to push it). At this point, Gregory had only ever displayed signs of being an aeromancer, so he was not invited to the White Council.

Later on, while scouting enemy territory, he came across a plantation that the owners had apparently set fire to in order to spite the approaching Union Army. He heard screams and realized with horror that they had done to their slaves exactly what he had done to the slave owners years previously. His air magic couldn’t manage to blow away the flames, and in a fit of grief, he summoned up water to put them out. Unfortunately, this power came to him too late to save any of the occupants. Looking at their charred bodies and finding himself involuntarily drawing comparisons between the monstrous actions of the slave owners and his own years before, he vowed that he would never again take a life without making sure that the person was absolutely irredeemable.

Searching out the wizard from before, he told him about his use of water magic, and the man took him to the White Council. A few short tests later, it was clear that he had now accessed his full power. Later on, after earning the Council’s trust and establishing himself as a man of honor, he was offered a position as a Warden, and gladly took it.

He has kept watch over the Mid-Atlantic area for the last 120 or so years. He is loath to threaten or capture potential warlocks, instead offering them the help and training needed to become productive members of the magical community. The Council finds this “slightly irritating”, but the fact that his assigned area has one of the lowest instances of Law breakage in the western hemisphere has allowed him some leeway.

He typically wears normal looking clothing, with a noticeable and understandable preference of blue and aversion to grey. The one exception to this is his Warden cloak, which he reluctantly wears when he is acting in his official capacity. Everything he wears seems light, and he always has on a pair of tactical boots.

The weapons he usually carries include his Warden sword, a Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber, a D-Guard Bowie knife, and two Remington Model 1858 6 cylinder revolvers (in 1868 he had them converted to use .46 caliber cartridges). On occasion, he has been known to bring along a single shot Model 1859 Sharps Rifle.


Gregory Franklin

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