Welcome to Beckitt City, New Jersey.

This town has experienced rapid metropolitan growth over the past couple decades, along with a simultaneous decay in the areas that formerly contained its industrial heart. The city is framed by water, with a lake on the east side and rivers on the other three. Class lines are drawn thick in Beckitt, with the different sectors of the city standing in stark contrast to each other. The criminal organizations that run the town have laid claim to the sectors that they do most of their business in.

On the supernatural side of things, the area is home to all manner of otherworldly immigrants. Around 20 years ago, something bad went down and the Veil in the area suffered for it. Ever since then, magic and the magical have had a much easier time crossing over to our side.

We have quite possibly the highest percentage of citizens who are in the know in the eastern U.S. It helps that the changeling and Were populations spiked recently. When the denizens of the Nevernever started being able to just waltz over to our side a generation ago, a massive increase in single parents followed soon after. And when regular humans witness someone suddenly growing teeth, claws, wings, or worse, some of them seek out ways of doing the same, whether to find common ground or level the playing field.

So come on in, and welcome to the City of Change. Just know that nothing stays the same for long in this city, least of all those of us who call it home.

The Dresden Files: Beckitt City