Log Entry Three - Apartmental Anguish

Anna had fully recovered from her leg wound. Lane and Soryn were working on tracking down the remnants of the Red Court Vampire nest, which apparently abandoned the sewers after the fight there.
Soryn introduced Anna to all of us and informed us of the Weres’ situation. We agreed to help each other out and combined our network of contacts to find info about both problems.

The Weres hit pay dirt first, (literally) sniffing out the location of the vampire nest. In the seediest part of the Red Light district, an abandoned apartment building where some of the homeless and addicts spent their nights had been the subject of several disturbing rumors, all of which involved missing people, dead bodies, and a lot of blood.

We agreed to meet with a couple of Anna’s friends there. These friends turned out to be a couple, Tony and Erica. They explained that most of the rumors had to do with the upper floors. A quick check of the four story brick building revealed that the one extant fire escape was so dangerously loose and fragile that it couldn’t actually be used. However, Erica noticed something and smirked. A building across the street was quite a bit taller than the one we were currently casing. She told us to wait there for a minute while she checked something.

We watched as she went into the second building and then reappeared on its roof. In an instant, her form collapsed, her clothes falling to the rooftop. We then see a shape pass over us toward the rooftop of the apartment building.

“Really, a flying snake?”

Tony chuckled and motioned for us to move inside.

“C’mon, guys. If she kills them all ahead of us, I’ll never live it down.”

We headed into the building and immediately felt a sense of dread. Every so often, we saw a glassy eyed vagrant who, despite their state of mind, still carried a look of horror on their face. The first floor, as far as we could tell, was empty of any threats, so we moved on to the second. That one was definitely not empty.

Upon entering onto the second floor, we heard inhuman hissing noises coming from several of the rooms. Investigating, we found a few vampires feeding on their victims, lost in hunger. We decided to check the whole floor so that we could know exactly how many of them we were up against. Unfortunately, as we are walked down the hall, one of the vampires’ victims stumbled out of a room ahead of us and took notice of the group of armed intruders. He started screaming, alerting every bloodsucker in the building that we were there.

Hmm. I probably should’ve mentioned this sooner, but Soryn had been working on a….”pet project” recently. His work had paid off, because by the time we entered the apartment building, we had added a new member to our little group.


According to Soryn, that stood for “Kill It Now”. Which….I guess is an appropriate name for a golem that’s mainly used to punch scary stuff into squishy piles of not-so-scary stuff. Anyway, we now had what amounts to a stone monster on our side, one that followed Soryn’s orders to the letter. Other than that, though, it wouldn’t do anything. K.I.N. has no free will, and no initiative.

So, when 8 RCVs came screaming out of their nests trying to rip us all to shreds, it was quickly decided that Soryn and K.I.N. could handle one half of them in the northern hallway, while Lane, Tony, and I dealt with the ones in the southern hallway.

Soryn and his pet rock cleared theirs without much effort. The only stumbling point was figuring out the timing between K.I.N.’s…you know what? This is dumb. I’m not typing out the gods damned periods anymore. His name is KIN. That is now the official spelling. Ok, so back to what I was saying. The only stumbling point was figuring out the timing between KIN’s murderpunches and Soryn’s brick-and-mortar spikes. There was a moment where those of us on the other side could clearly hear something to the effect of “Damn it, why won’t they stop doing flips over him!”, but besides that, it seemed to go pretty well.

Over on our side, things got a bit tense. As it turns out, when you’re in a smallish building with dangerously outdated architecture, fire is not the best option. So the southern hallway was a jumble of flashing blades and tearing claws. Tony, as it turned out, changed into a fox the size of a grown man, which was very effective for ripping out gross, blood-filled bellies. After some awesome teamwork and a couple backflips from Tony, we got the south hall sorted.

Then we heard Erica scream.

I have seen exactly three things move faster than Tony did in that moment: one of them was also Tony, and one was a fucking deity.

When we caught up with him on the next floor, we found him cradling Erica, who had thankfully survived her encounter with the RCVs’ bosses. They’d broken a few bones and knocked her out, and she’d lost quite a bit of blood, but a trip to the ER and a couple weeks of bedrest were enough to fix her up.

In the room where we found her, it was obvious that some sort of ritual had been set up. However, it was also obvious that it had not yet been enacted. None of us were able to figure out exactly what the ritual was meant for; especially since we couldn’t even identify what language most of the runes were written in. After a quick vote, we decided to torch the whole mess so that whoever had set it up couldn’t come back and finish what they had started.

Log Entry Three - Apartmental Anguish

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