Log Entry One - An Eye for an Eye

Soryn hadn’t seen his dad in years, ever since his psychotic mother attempted to sacrifice him and he and his dad responded with the very reasonable response of getting the hell away from her. Wanting to reconnect but not having much in the way of leads, he made the decision to consult some of the darker powers at the disposal of a young up-and-coming wizard. Heading to the park to do some summoning, he managed to call up a demon.

I was not asked for my opinion on this plan.

After some back and forth and haggling over price (Soryn, for some reason, considered his everlasting soul to be a mite too much), the demon agreed to find Soryn’s dad and report back with any and all relevant information if Soryn would do him the kindness of exterminating a nest of some lowly Red Court Vampires that have taken up residence in the city’s sewer system. They’d been actively and forcefully recruiting lately, and their turning humans was starting to eat into the demon’s potential clientele list.

Knowing that killing a nest of half-crazed vampires isn’t the kind of errand that you do by yourself, Soryn headed to the local watering hole looking for friends to help.

Puzzles is a unique kind of bar, in that it doesn’t particularly adhere to any singular type of establishment. One minute there could be disco music playing with lights to match, the next it could be filled with the smooth voice of a devilishly handsome blues singer. The latter was usually handled by their live-in entertainment and “peacekeeper”, up until my untimely demise.

At this point, I had only just recently met Soryn, but we’d hit it off pretty well. He made me a magic vest, I gave him some ingenious advice. Also in the bar that night were two mercenaries, one Lane Stenguard and a slight man known only as Drath. They’d only been in town for a couple weeks, but they’d started to get a bit antsy. Accorded Neutral Territory seemed like a safe bet for finding work, and they just so happened to be right.

After some introductions and a brief foray into techno-rave music dancing for Drath, we decided to take on the nest together.

After getting ourselves outfitted, we went and found a manhole and set to work. Certain members of the group immediately started worrying about alligators, and believed that their concerns had been vindicated when Soryn was attacked by something in the dark. As it turned out, it was nothing more than a harmless little man-sized flesh-eating leech. After a small lesson about fighting in close quarters when you’re in the middle of a line of your allies, Soryn and Lane managed to best the terrifying worm.

Its hide was later used to make some pretty nifty gloves.

We eventually made our way to a large intersection and saw that the vampires had made a small camp in the center of it. Our group devised an attack plan and set it in motion.

Almost immediately, things went to hell.

The plan was mostly hinged on the idea that the sleeping vampires could be killed nearly simultaneously, without allowing them any time to organize. This plan started to go sideways when Soryn spectacularly failed to have any ability to walk quietly and the vampire he was supposed to take care of woke up and started shrieking. The rest predictably woke up and started trying to kill us.

Lane managed to control his allotted side of the camp, slowly but surely turning the vampires into medium sized piles of ash and yuck. Drath wisely stayed in hiding whilst the vampires started attacking, meaning that when he did come out to play, a vampire took a knife in the gut and went down hard. Soryn’s earth magic lacks subtlety, but it more than makes up for it with the ability to crush everything that gets anywhere near him, so he did fine. I made a valiant effort, and my kunai made it into a few vamps, but then came the horribleness.

A vampire on the complete opposite side of the camp apparently decided that I looked like the tastiest human and started running straight towards me. Somehow, all FOUR of us failed to attack/intercept the vampire. So I got a face full of leaping monster.

The next few minutes played out in standard form for the other three, all of whom were locked into fights with their respective enemies. They slowly gained the advantage, and managed to kill every one of the bloodsuckers.

During this entire section, I am screaming at the top of my lungs as the vampire rips and tears at my face and arms. I had a crazy, starving monster on top of me and couldn’t get out from under it, despite my best efforts to find some manner of getting up off the floor. As it turns out, knife throwing singers, despite how badass they are at both of those things, don’t generally tend to be strong enough to physically repel hideous bat monsters.

I finally realized that I would have to go on the offensive if I wanted it to end any time soon. So I waited for the right moment and jabbed at the creature’s face with a kunai. I hit it square in the eye. Unfortunately, it turns out crazy vampires have a sense of poetic justice about them, because the vampire’s next strike basically liquefied my left eye.

(I had to be told most of what happened next, as I was too busy thrashing around in agony while my eye hole poured out blood and worse.)

At that point, the others FINALLY managed to come and help me, and easily took care of the creature. Seeing the damage done to their bestest friend foreverest and realizing that the shrieks of the vampires hadn’t stopped, they turned and saw movement down one of the tunnels. A quick count later, the fact that half of the beds in the camp are empty meant that the decision to retreat was reached almost instantaneously. They left, quickly, and rushed me to the nearest off-the-books medical facility (a converted garage owned by Bill, everyone’s favorite illegal peddler of pain meds and hurried surgery).

On the ride over to Bill’s, Lane and Drath kept me stable as Soryn drove. I apparently started chuckling to myself, which prompted a conversation that I wish I could’ve had differently.

“The irony is that I saw this. Ha-ARGH. Oh gods that hurts…”

Both thoroughly confused, they ask me what exactly I mean.

“Heh. What, you don’t get it? I saw this. With my own damned eyes. I wonder if seeing the future relies on depth perception. Gods, I hope so. Having the Tears is the absolute shittiest part of my life.”

Log Entry One - An Eye for an Eye

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