Log Entry Two - Deer Friends

By this point, I had recovered, and sported a magical eyepatch that could throw up a shield around my head in moments of crisis (Soryn’s logic: “Well, we don’t want you to lose your other eye.”).

Drath had disappeared on a “job”. He’d also stolen a dagger that Soryn had been commissioned to make by a White Court Virgin prince of the Malvora family. This prince, Deckland Malvora, is rare in that he is fully aware of what he is, and yet instead of trying to cure himself, he wants to find the perfect setting and person to pop his monster cherry with.

Lane was getting settled into a new apartment after discovering that his roommate had suddenly vanished without paying the rent.

The rest of this was related to me by Soryn and Anna, the latter of whom has insisted that I include their meet-cute in this database. I relented on the grounds that the story is required in order to understand why we no longer have any dealings with Deckland Malvora.

Soryn decided to take a moonlit walk in the park to see if he could find any fallen branches to use as materials. It’s pretty well known to those who frequent the area that the trees are guarded by dryads, so he didn’t even consider pissing one off by forcefully parting a tree of its wood.

While he was wandering around the woods, without much luck, he saw a deer fleeing from three men with guns. Being as how this was a park in the middle of a city, it was a pretty sure bet that some type of trouble was afoot. So he followed them and watched as they cornered the deer in a baseball field on one edge of the park. He saw the deer evade their attacks and kick one of the men in the head.

Soryn intervened on the deer’s behalf, and had a giant earthen hand grab one of the attackers.

However, at the same time, Deckland Malvora was passing by in his limo and saw the fight going on. Being a complete psycho, he got out, jumped the fence and started trying to kill the deer and the gunmen himself.

The fight quickly turned chaotic. Deckland threw a knife and hit the deer in the thigh, so Soryn raised an earth wall to block any further attacks on the deer, which ran into the woods. One of the gunmen attacked Soryn in retaliation. While he was distracted by that, Deckland realized that his fun was over and ran towards the fence. Soryn dispatched the last gunman and attempted to catch Deckland with another earthen fist, but Deckland jumped over it and the fence to safety. He mocked Soryn as he got in his limo and sped off.


Soryn warped the metal of the guns until they were basically just shiny bits of garbage and left the knocked out gunmen there with their broken weapons while sirens approached. He then hurried off into the forest.

Just when he was about to leave on the other side of the park, he saw a form approach out of the trees. A young woman, nude, with a wound in her thigh appeared.

“Thank you. They’ve been hunting us down. Several of my friends have been killed or captured by those bastards. I would’ve been next if not for you. My name’s Anna.”

Soryn found a blanket in his car and covered her up; he then took her to Bill’s to get her leg fixed. On the way, she explained that most of the city’s Were community was in hiding because of the hunters. So far as she could tell, they worked for the Mob. She didn’t know exactly what they wanted with the Weres, but they obviously hated them. She had a position of leadership within the Were community, most of them being younger than her.

Soryn left her in Bill’s care, getting shooed out before his magic could break anything important.

Log Entry Two - Deer Friends

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